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10 Qualities to Look For in an Effective Copywriter

No, an effective copywriter is not someone who can write a quality sentence. 

Nor is it your daughter’s best friend who has an English degree. 

A professional copywriter is someone who can craft content that produces results. 

Someone who is an experienced and knowledgeable wordsmith who knows how to speak to your audience, emotionally engage with them, and influence them to buy. 

When you search for a copywriter, you may feel as if you’re jumping into a dark abyss. Fear not, dear reader—we’re going to help you find that unicorn copywriter with this ultimate guide.

#1 - An Effective Copywriter Loves Quality, Not Her Own Work.

A copywriter’s personality remains invisible in the work. It’s not about her, and it’s not about you; it’s about your target market. Finding a conversion-creating copywriter who engineers compelling content means that the focus remains on quality…

Not ego.

After the copywriter completes the initial draft, she will review it with the most critical eye possible. She will tweak, revise, and start over until the content exceeds the toughest standards.

Ask your copywriter which key she strikes most on her laptop. The answer should be “the delete button.”

#2 - An Effective Copywriter Understands Customer Psychology.

What drives website traffic?

What content promotes deep crawl, an important element of SEO?

What does the target market need to hear that shows your business provides the solutions to the toughest problems?

Result-producing copywriting boils down to customer psychology. 

The most talented copywriters spend time thinking about which techniques cultivate no-brainer buying decisions.

#3 - An Effective Copywriter Is a Problem Solver.

The best copywriters can scan a sales page and immediately identify the problems and accurately pinpoint solutions to those problems.

A skillful copywriter is hardwired to know how words work together to achieve a desired effect.

#4 - An Effective Copywriter Finds Inspiration in Everything.

A copywriter’s world is his or her toolbox. Everything copywriters read, watch, consume, or experience is fair game for tomorrow’s source of inspiration.

Of course, this happens subconsciously.

But sooner or later, associations begin to form, and suddenly, a character comes to life, a great introduction for an essay is crafted, or an emotion is fully evoked.

#5 - An Effective Copywriter Expresses Complicated Ideas Clearly.

Copywriting is the ability to go through everything you want to say, finding the right words, giving shape to poignant moments through image or scene, and linking all of it to feelings and thoughts.

That’s a lot of complex things to juggle simultaneously.

Yet the best copywriters can do this and make it read so seamlessly, it’s hard to conceive of another way it could have been said.

#6 - An Effective Copywriter Reads with an Agenda.

In a professional copywriter’s world, reading is the fuel. A good book can grab an incredible writer’s mind for months and years after she’s finished it. But no great writer reads without taking notes—be it mental journaling or writing in the margins of the page.

After all, this is the fodder for work to come.

#7 - An Effective Copywriter Is Knowledgeable in Digital Marketing.

These days, a copywriter should have extensive knowledge in SEO best practices, as well as website design features and traffic-generating tools.

A great copywriter has the ability to visualize the overall picture of your digital marketing efforts and introduce you to innovative and effective tips for marketing your content.

#8 - An Effective Copywriter Is Responsive.

If you contact a copywriter and he or she does not return your phone call or email within the next day or two, this could be a sign that the copywriter is too busy to take on new work or doesn’t value potential clients.

An out of office reply is one of the only exceptions to this situation.

#9 - An Effective Copywriter Comes Recommended.

Always look at a copywriter’s testimonials and case studies before hiring him or her.

A copywriter who has a web page full of positive reviews illustrates that he or she has consistently performed great work and is openly recommended by others.

#10 - An Effective Copywriter Turns Work Around Quickly.

You want a copywriter who takes enough time to do a good job with your copy, but you don’t want someone who will take two months to write a brochure.

You’ll need to discuss what you expect, including adhering to deadlines.

Michelle Salater

Michelle Salater

10 Qualities to Look For in an Effective Copywriter

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