• Funnel Architecture
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  • Funnel Architecture
  • White Papers
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing

How One Company Self-Funded a Digital Marketing Campaign That Brought in Over 230 Qualified Leads without a Sales Less Than 120 Days


The client was looking to significantly increase sales leads. Knowing their current marketing strategies wouldn’t produce the lead volume they were looking for, they reached out to explore digital marketing options.

In addition to needing a new way to collect qualified leads online, the client also knew they needed a fresh way of engaging and communicating with leads for any lead generation effort to be successful.


Funnel architecture

I mapped out a simple lead generation funnel that would attract ideal leads, educate them, and build trust to the point of booking a call.


The client needed a compelling lead magnet to attract leads and encourage them to opt in. With the target audience in mind, I knew a case study-based white paper would do the trick…and it did.


Potential leads were directed to a landing page that requested their email addresses and phone numbers in exchange for a lead magnet.

EMAIL Marketing

Immediately after the prospect opted in for the lead magnet, they were sent a series of emails based on their level of service interest. I created a total of 5 email sequences, with the call to action to schedule a call or to call with questions.


The client needed an online lead generation campaign–one that would continually attract, capture, and engage qualified leads month in and month out.

I started with identifying the target audience for this particular funnel and researched specific pain points. From there, I created a simple, yet powerful lead generation campaign that would educate, build trust, and let leads know what solutions were available to them. We offered a case study-based white paper in exchange for emails and phone numbers.

In addition, the form asked them what level of service they were interested in, which allowed us to segment the audience to educate them via email based on their interest.


The various elements of the campaign worked together to educate prospects and help them understand why they needed to act to solve their problem, and book a call.


233 leads were captured in the first 120 days.


Emails had open rates as high as 41% with a 15% CTR. Average open rate for nurture emails was 24.3%, and the average click-through was 4.2%.


Entire campaign investment recouped within 90 days.


The client received 42,000 website impressions in 120 days.