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Before discovering Michelle, I had engaged other copywriters to craft marketing content for me. Every time I wound up disappointed and disillusioned. While these other sources were certainly capable of crafting grammatically correct text –they lacked the skill and experience I needed most – the ability to design and construct sizzling content and to ultimately deliver that copy through a customized sales funnel explicitly developed for my business. To my great relief, Michelle is not about boiler plating anything; she took the time to thoroughly understand my business, my customers, and my specific objectives. In the end, her performance was so outstanding, it compelled me to do something I very seldom ever do – and that is to write a testimonial. The quality of my overall experience together with the outstanding copywriting produced by Michelle Salater leads me to say unequivocally you simply owe it to yourself to contact her for your next project. Like me, I have no doubt you’ll be absolutely delighted you did.
Michelle has helped our blog to quickly rise to the top of our industry's Google search ranking. Her ability to incorporate the highest level of copywriting strategies for the benefit of the reader and SEO is impressive. You'd be lucky and wise to utilize her expertise. Thank you Michelle!
We hired Michelle to manage our email marketing. In addition to being extremely reliable and delightful to work with, Michelle yielded outstanding results that helped us achieve our email marketing goals. Over the course of about 12 months, she helped us more than double our email marketing list and triple our email marketing revenue. She's truly a pleasure to work with!
Russ Izzo
CEO, truCore Distributors, Inc.
We have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for over 2 years now on multiple client projects. We are a traditional agency that also runs over $2 million a month in digital traffic. We have brought Michelle in to help our clients improve their copywriting and thereby improve conversion rates and profitability in their marketing campaigns. One of the most exciting finds was that the blog content she put together often times outperformed our client's landing pages with respect to conversion rates. We thought it was a crazy thing to even test when we first tested it, but now we find when content is written well by a copywriter who understands digital marketing, you can get incredible results. We aren't just happy with the insanely great results her copywriting has gotten our clients, we also find that she has been easy to work with and all of our clients have absolutely loved working with her as well.
Kevin Milani
MQ&C Advertising
We hired Michelle to create the sales copy and autoresponder series for our new website. As a result of her copywriting efforts, we are better able to communicate our marketing message to potential investors and new customers. My advice for those looking to work with Michelle, is definitely do it. This is my third project with her, and have recommended her to several other people.
Gary Nealon
Michelle did an absolutely fantastic job helping us articulate to our prospective clients who we are and what we do at Michael LoBiondo Photography. Our new website redesign paid for itself within the first week it launched based on the skillful copy. In only a month since the launch, new clients are finding us much more quickly and are also a much better match for our areas of specialization. The most profitable clients find us online. Michelle made it so easy to get this done quickly and we're very happy with measurable results that are coming fast.
Anne LoBiondo
Michael LoBiondo Photography
Now that we have launched I wanted to say thanks for what’s been an epic start to the Dog Trainer Academy. It's been more successful than I had hoped and the journey of launching this program has been a smoother ride than I could have dreamt of. I know that is not down to chance, but because of Michelle's commitment to the Dog Trainer Academy programs success. Having her manage the entire project was exactly what we needed and her experience was greatly appreciated. Looking forward to cracking into the next project with you! Thanks!
Michelle has been an invaluable partner in the launch of our updated website and the continued success of our business. Our clients have responded extremely well to the content Michelle has developed for us, evidenced by significant increases in lead generation, sales, and client retention since we began implementing her services in our marketing strategies. Michelle is a dream to work with and I cannot recommend her more highly.
Chad Mathis
The Clearance Lab
Michelle is absolutely amazing to work with. Everything she has done for us has exceeded our expectations! We intend to use her again and again.
Beth Richardson
Owner, Sweetbottoms® Naturals
Thank you Michelle for your continued support in my growth! My new content marketing strategy has been fantastic. Your expertise and content strategy has been key for our conversions. It also gives me peace of mind knowing my copy is as strategic as it can be, clearly communicating to my audience.
Lee Heyward
Style with Lee