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  • Email Marketing
  • Video Scripts
  • Sales Collateral
  • Blog Articles

How One High-Ticket Launch Generated 150K in Revenue and over 2K New Leads in 2 Weeks


The client had a massive launch on their hands and needed expert insight on how to segment, generate interest, and properly market the Dog Trainer Academy program to a list of over 50,000 dog owners.

More specifically, the client needed help strategizing how to successfully roll out the Dog Trainer Academy, along with help producing result-driven content for pre-launch, post-launch, and during the launch.

Another challenge was this year-long program had never been sold before and it was a high-ticket item (over $5,000) we needed to sell online.

The client’s goal was to enroll 20 students into the Dog Trainer Academy program.


Email Marketing

Throughout the launch, I wrote various email sequences to nurture the client’s list of 50,000 plus, as well as sales emails to enroll people into the academy.

Video Scripts

I wrote scripts for a 5-part video series, “How to Start a Fulfilling and Successful Career as a Dog Trainer.”

Sales Collateral

Sale content was a large part of the launch and included writing copy at every stage of the funnel: pre-launch landing pages, sales pages for during the launch, and emails before, during, and after launch.

Blog Articles

To widen the reach of interest prior to the launch, I wrote 2-3 optimized posts each month with specific call to actions for people to opt in and learn more about the Dog Trainer Academy.


To help the client reach the goal of enrolling 20 Dog Trainer Academy students into the program, I developed a comprehensive strategy for building the email list with ideal prospects and then nurturing them.

To accomplish this goal, I established the following objectives:

*Create valuable content that would educate and excite readers about becoming a dog trainer.

*Develop a 5-part video series to capture new leads and encourage dog lovers to follow their passion to become a dog trainer.

*Target keywords in blog content such as “Dog Training Careers” or “Dog Behavior Specialist” to generate increased organic traffic and leads.

*Optimize calls to action to place people in nurture sequences to learn more about the Dog Trainer Academy program.

Another foundational element needed to make the launch a success was to produce copy that converted. I was able to hone in on our client’s voice and communicate the message in a clear and authentic way, without being too salesy.



37 people enrolled in the program--33 within the first 2 days of cart open, the remaining 2 the last day before the cart closed.


The total enrollment generated $149,591 in just over 2 weeks.


The top 3 Dog Trainer Academy focused blog posts generated a total of 3,248 shares over Facebook alone.

Email Marketing

Promo emails to the list of dog owners generated an average open rate of 18.6%.


9 Dog Trainer Academy focused blogs generated 2,137 new leads for the program.

“Now that we have launched I wanted to say thanks for what’s been an epic start to the Dog Trainer Academy. It's been more successful than I had hoped and the journey of launching this program has been a smoother ride than I could have dreamt of. I know that is not down to chance, but because of Michelle's commitment to the Dog Trainer Academy programs success. Having her manage the entire project was exactly what we needed and her experience was greatly appreciated. Looking forward to cracking into the next project with Michelle! Thanks!”
Doggy Dan