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How Strategy and Conversion-Ready Copy Fueled a Million-Dollar Launch for a 12-Day Online Documentary Series


Natural Health Insiders had a massive launch on their hands for a new, 12-day online documentary series.

Awakening from Alzheimer’s: The Event featured interviews with an elite caliber of doctors. These doctors would give viewers their insights on how to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s naturally.

When the final roster was put together, some big names included Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of Grain Brain, Dr. David Katz of Yale University Prevention Research Center, and Dr. Dale Bredesen who published a groundbreaking study on reversing Alzheimer’s.

The client needed help strategizing the rollout of the 12-day online event and quality content for pre-launch, during the event, and post-launch. They didn’t have the staff to spare for their upcoming online event, and they needed someone who could handle the strategy and content.

The entire event demanded a consistent message that told the world how the series (and packages they could purchase) could help fight Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Natural Health Insiders also needed content to convert audience members to purchase the series’ packages containing valuable resources.



The strategy was created with two goals in mind: attracting interested viewers to sign up for the documentary series and converting them to purchase the packages.

Sales Collateral

From landing pages to sales pages, I crafted content that converted during cart open and when we launched the replay weekend.

Email Maketing

In addition to promotion and sales emails, I wrote daily emails that communicated the value and encouraged people to watch each episode.


To help the client produce a high-quality online event that was well attended, I created a strategy for maximizing opt-ins and conversions.

From package development to launch strategy, I put together an overarching plan to produce conversions.

To execute the strategy, I undertook writing all of the copy for pre-launch, launch, and part of the post-launch.

Content written included landing pages, sales pages, thank-you pages, and nurture and sales emails that were sent before, during, and immediately after the event.


Awakening from Alzheimer’s: The Event educated audience members and gave them access to resources to further help them fight Alzheimer’s and dementia. The copy written didn’t just support this educational effort. It converted!


$1 MM in gross revenue in just 3 weeks.


Over 10,000 packages were sold for a $100 average cost.


150,000 opted in to watch the series.