Ecommerce Client

  • Funnel Architecture
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Scripts
  • Sales Collateral
  • Funnel Architecture
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Scripts
  • Sales Collateral

How an Ecommerce Company Turned into an
Automated Lead Generation Machine with Recurring Monthly Income and Increased Online Revenue 50%
in Just 6 Weeks


The client had a new info product they wanted to bring to market; however, they only had 2,700 subscribers on their list, and the list was not engaged.

The challenge was how to create an automated sales funnel for the new product, bring it to market quickly, and test it…all without having a big launch or spending thousands to drive traffic.


Funnel architecture

Starting with the solution in mind, a multifaceted sales funnel was put in place–one that spoke to the pain and frustration of the audience and offered relevant educational information to combat those particular problems.

EMAIL Marketing

Wrote several email sequences that nurtured with valuable content, sales emails to encourage people to purchase, and post-purchase emails that streamlined the user experience and kept customers engaged.

Video Scripts

Wrote a story-driven, fact-based video script and provided direction for a live-action video sales letter. This provided the centerpiece which the client could continue to drive traffic and convert more prospects.

SALES Collateral

Composed compelling sales page copy for two separate sales pages. Each page spoke to different pain points and showed how this program was the solution.


Sales Funnel

Since the client was not planning to spend on traffic until the funnel proved successful, I had to rely on the 2,700 email list and Facebook audience to test the new product.

Through a series of emails created to identify specific pain points, I quickly got the feedback needed, and then split the funnel into two segments: preventing the problem and alleviating the problem.

Data from the list showed they preferred video, so I decided a video sales letter would be the ideal centerpiece to drive traffic. I then wrote two separate sales pages along with two separate email sequences that spoke to the specific segment’s overarching pain point.

Because recurring revenue was my client’s goal, I created an upsell offer as well as a recurring membership offer to further increase revenue. The client had a healthy Facebook audience of about 8,000 engaged audience members. Before the funnel launched, I worked to boost Facebook engagement and got the audience excited about what was coming.


In the first 6 weeks after launch, the sales funnel created substantial results from a small email list of only 2,700 subscribers. The data proves you don’t have to have a huge company or email list to produce great results.


By week 6 of the launch, initial sales totaled $30k.


18% of sales were attributed to immediate upsells.


40% conversion rate for sales funnel opt-ins.
27% conversion rate for split test version A.


2,221 new email list subscribers.


50% increase in online revenue from the client’s online store from previous months, as the store got a boost from the additional promotional and funnel efforts.