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  • Blog Articles
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How One Client Became the Go-To Source for 401(k) Education, Increased Website Traffic 155.57%, and Now Has Blogs on Google’s Featured Less Than 8 Months


The client approached me with specific digital marketing goals they wanted to achieve in 2019. Not only were they new to the highly competitive 401(k) space, but they wanted results quickly.  

Specifically, they wanted to…

  • Own the 401(k) space as far as the best quality of content.
  • Have blog articles be featured snippets on Google.
  • Clarify their message across all marketing channels.
  • Significantly increase their list size.
copywriting portfolio


Blog Articles

Wrote optimized blogs around focused keywords and newsworthy events. Each blog contains white paper links to further increase lead capture.

Website copy

Rewrote the website so it spoke a clear message to prospects on the benefits of using 401(k) Maneuver, educated prospects on how it works, and built trust.

White Papers

In order to capture leads directly from blog articles and from Facebook, the client needed compelling lead magnets to attract leads.

Landing Pages

Wrote A/B landing page versions for all the white papers so the client could split test headlines and increase conversions.  


Since the client wanted to own the 401(k) space and become the go-to source for financial education, I created a blog strategy and marketing calendar based on specific key terms and wrote 4-5 optimized blog articles to be published each month. I knew if we focused on the right keywords and provided high-value content, we would quickly rank in the search engines in this highly competitive space. 

To increase leads, I wrote various versions of landing pages for the white papers. Another quick win with regards to lead capture was to create and strategically insert white paper calls to action in the blogs. 

Because very few financial media outlets and companies present information in a way that’s easy for the average investor to understand, there was an opportunity for my client to stand out of the crowd and communicate in a new way. All content–from website copy to white papers–was written for the average person to understand.


Site traffic

155.57% increase in site traffic in an 8-month period

Blog Ranking

Blogs ranking on page 1 of Google search for most focused keywords


Almost 3K leads generated from white paper opt-ins in 6 months.


Blog articles starting to be featured on Google’s featured snippets.


The client made it on SEM Rush's organic search in the top 5 best blog articles with the keyword 401(k)

Michelle has helped our blog to quickly rise to the top of our industry's Google search ranking. Her ability to incorporate the highest level of copywriting strategies for the benefit of the reader and SEO is impressive. You'd be lucky and wise to utilize her expertise. Thank you Michelle!
Matthew Jackson
Partner, 401(k) Maneuver