Market Alert

  • Funnel Architecture
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Scripts
  • Funnel Architecture
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Scripts

How One Company Capitalized on Low-Hanging Fruit with an Automated Nurture Campaign Designed to Engage and Convert Leads


Market Alert came to me in need of a content marketing strategy and funnel to engage and convert potential buyers.

Although Market Alert has empowered loan originators since 1992, the company lacked a plan to convert leads exploring Market Alert’s free trial offer.


Funnel Architecture

I created a funnel strategy that would educate and engage free trial opt-ins to the point of conversion. The strategy included videos that specifically answered questions about the software, as well as a drip sequence that encouraged people to take the next step and purchase.

Email Marketing

I created a drip email sequence in order to engage and educate those who took the free trial offer. The emails aimed to answer objections, explain why the software is critical to success, and encourage people to give Market Alert’s powerful tool a test drive.

Landing Pages

I wrote a compelling landing page in order to convert interested visitors into the free trial.

Video Scripts

How-to videos explained how Market Alert’s mortgage prediction tool would help them make savvy decisions for their clients…while building their expertise and reputation.


After assessing Market Alert’s situation, I architected a funnel strategy to take curious visitors and turn them into subscription members.

A series of automated emails and video scripts were written to educate leads on how to leverage the Market Alert platform, underscoring the value of becoming a subscriber.


Market Alert gained a comprehensive funnel architecture and copy to provide value-rich content and capture the company’s low-hanging marketing fruit.

Before discovering Michelle, I had engaged other writers/companies to craft marketing content for me. Every time I wound up disappointed and disillusioned. While these other sources were certainly capable of crafting grammatically correct text –they lacked the skill and experience I needed most – the ability to design and construct sizzling content and to ultimately deliver that copy through a customized sales funnel explicitly developed for my business. To my great relief, Michelle is not about boiler plating anything; she took the time to thoroughly understand my business, my customers, and my specific objectives. In the end, her performance was so outstanding, it compelled me to do something I very seldom ever do – and that is to write a testimonial. The quality of my overall experience together with the outstanding content produced by Michelle Salater leads me to say unequivocally you simply owe it to yourself to contact her for your next project. Like me, I have no doubt you’ll be absolutely delighted you did.
Larry Baer
Founder, Market Alert